Fall Fashion


By Kristen Sell

Autumn, the time of the year where the leaves fall from the trees, and transform into colors like orange, tan, and brown. Which are, coincidentally, are also the most popular colors for fall outfits.

Fall is coming soon, which also means you should have your closet ready when it does! I had about fifty girls who attend junior high schools all over Santa Barbara answer the same question: “During Fall, what would you say your general outfit would consist of?”

For shirts, 60% of the students said they would select a loose or comfy darker colored shirt. The other 40% said they would choose a light or knit sweater. However, more than half of the 60% who would select a loose or comfy shirt said that they would pair it with a flannel or cardigan. Also, 12% of the 60% said they would pair the shirt with a jacket.

Personally, I agree with choosing a shirt and pairing it with a cardigan, flannel, or jacket, because it doesn’t get that cold in Santa Barbara. If you get too hot, you can just take the cardigan off. Therefore, if you were to choose to wear a sweater, check the weather, because you might be stuck in a sweaty, hot sweater the whole day.

Now for pants. 15% said that their go to jeans would be loose fit jeans (also known as “boyfriend” jeans). 40% replied that they would chose to wear skinny jeans. Also, medium light wash is the most popular jean color during this season. The other 45% said they would wear leggings, and more than half of those suggested lulu lemon leggings, since they are the most comfortable.

Unfortunately, lulu lemon leggings are very pricey. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a pair of leggings, Brandy Melville recently added light gray leggings called “Jaycee Leggings” to their website that are only $24. They look very similar to gray lulu lemons, and they have some of the same material.

According to me, and the students, boots and booties, converse sneakers, and Uggs are the most popular shoes this season.  35% of the students replied saying that they would choose to wear boots. As far as boots, I would suggest combat boots. Some students agreed with me on that, and even suggested their favorite brands, Doc Martins, and Steve Maddens. 30% said they would wear converse, which I also think is a fantastic choice, since converse basically match everything. From there, 25% said they would wear Uggs. Personally, I love Uggs, but I would be careful wearing them. Wearing Uggs is kind of like wearing a sweater on your feet; you can’t wear either of them on warm days.  The last 15% of people I interviewed said they would wear booties, also known as ankle boots. Booties are a great option because they can really enhance an outfit, if you feel like wearing something fancier than converse. I think that booties are an excellent choice for fall, because boots can get hot, while booties don’t.

“I would choose everything cozy and comfortable and stick to fall colors,” Brooke Clark, an eighth grader here at SBJHS, said about fall fashion in general. From there, I think it’s up to you to  personalize your outfits. Maybe add a bracelet, some rings, or a pair of earrings you really like. Have a fun season!

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