WEB Day Overview

Web day3By Talia Honikman and Coraline Crannell

WEB (An acronym for “where everyone belongs”) is a great program our school offers that allows eighth graders to improve their leadership skills, work with others, and also meet new students at SBJHS. The person organizing all this is one of our school counselors, Mr. Fredeen.

We have WEB Day for many reasons, but the most significant one is to make incoming seventh graders feel welcome and comfortable during their first days of school. This is accomplished by an assembly conducted by Patrick followed by games, challenges, and other activities conducted by eighth graders on the front lawn, and a tour of the school.

WEB day itself ,and everything circulating it, has two main parts. First is the training day only for 8th graders where they play some team-building games, learn about being a leader, and rehearse what will happen on Thursday at 7th grade orientation. This day took place on Monday August 24, and was a really intensely fun day for most of the 8th graders, even though they were giving up a day of summer to attend.

The second part of web is the 7th grade orientation on Thursday, August 27. On this day web leaders go outside with their groups of 7th graders after being entertained so wonderfully by Patrick. After going outside, WEB leaders go through and do all of the games and activities they learned on Monday at the training day and get to know their new colleagues! This is also really good because for many seventh graders, especially those who can be a little shy, this is a great way to get to meet and learn about other seventh graders and make new friends. After the games, the web leaders take their groups on a tour of the school. For most seventh graders, this is the most helpful part of the tour. It is then that most of them learn where all the bathrooms are, where the library is, where they can eat lunch, and many other important sites on campus. Seventh grader Jubilee Lettieri had a great time and really learned a lot.

“It was really fun and entertaining,” she says. “Everyone had a lot of fun at the orientation, and Patrick got us all to stand up and just have fun. The eighth graders could have been more organized with what they said, but overall it was a really fun day.” Jubilee appreciated the successful attempt to get everyone up on their feet and laughing.

WEB leaders prepare games and activities two days in advance. They work hard to make WEB day a fun and interesting experience for incoming students. Altogether, this was a super fun day that everyone really enjoyed no matter how many ways they participated in it.

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