About Y.S.S.


by Jacqueline Velasco

Youth Service Specialist (also known as Y.S.S.) is a program made for teens located around the Santa Barbara school district. It provides mentoring, student support, and also includes education on preventing drug and alcohol abuse, awareness, and early identification.

Besides Y.S.S, there’s also Reconnecting Youth (R.Y.), another student support. The Reconnecting Youth at SBJH is ran by Ms. Palazuelos, a trained specialist that works with many students around campus. Her job is to provide one-on-one crisis counseling with students.

Ms. Palazuelos is a well-managing specialist, and is there to talk to when she is needed. From personal experience, Ms. P is a very good listener, as well as caring and great at giving helpful advice.

If you’d like more information about Y.S.S, you can contact the main office at (805) 963-7751 or you can make an appointment with Ms. Palazuelos. If she’s not available, there’s always teachers, counselors, and administrators that are there to help out. It’s very important to talk to someone when you need to, and Y.S.S is great for that.

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