Impressions of Junior High

Talia's article

By Jubilee Lettieri

The first day of school can vary in perspectives from a seventh grader who is just starting junior high, an eighth grader new to the school, or a returning eighth grader. The first day can be the scariest day of your life, but for some people it’s just another school day. People are generally quite nervous for the first day of school, even returning eighth graders! Seventh graders noticed the differences between elementary school and junior high school, such as student population, more classes,  no recess, as well as the release time.

For seventh grader Joy Patterson, the first day of junior high was definitely one of her most terrifying experiences so far. Joy moved here from another city this year, and while going to a brand new (and much bigger) school is pretty scary, the first day of junior high is always even more exciting. “Finding my way around school is very difficult and confusing for me,” Joy says. Changing from one lifestyle to another (elementary school to junior high), she says, has also been very challenging. It’s always hard making friends on the first day of school, but so far Joy has made many new friends!

For Isabella Macioce, it was just another day of school, but the first day is always somewhat harder; even for Isabella, a returning eighth grader here at SBJHS. Isabella said she is especially looking forward to helping out the new seventh graders and being one of the oldest students on campus. “It is always hard to transition to a new grade, but over time it gets easier,” she says. Isabella is very excited for the coming months, and all the opportunities she will have along the way.

Overall, my first day of seventh grade was great!  Finding my classes was very difficult on the first day, but eventually I got the gist of moving from one class to another so quickly. I made new friends and met all of my teachers. Junior high is an amazing experience and is  very interesting. I hope to have a great and has so far been very successful seventh grade year.

Junior high is an amazingly horrifying experience for both seventh and eighth graders.  For Isabella and Joy, and hopefully everyone else, the first couple weeks have been awesome! There will always be a few bumps in the road, but eventually everyone will adjust.

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