Returning As An 8th Grader


by Emma Zavala

As a returning eighth grader, many of us, including me, think that we’re Top Dog. Do you remember last year, at the beginning of the school year, rushing in the halls trying to get to your next class on time? Or looking up to the eighth graders, thinking how cool they were, even though they were only year older. Now we are the ones that the seventh graders are looking up to, and as much as we want to call them sevvies, we will try to restrain ourselves.

This year we all have our opportunity to make a name for ourselves and for high school. We all have the chance to change our style from last year, change our attitude, and change ourselves, whether it be for better or for worse. I know a lot of us will look back on our seventh grade school picture, or pictures we have in the yearbook or on our phones and want to sink back in our chair, but use it as a chance to have a good laugh (then, of course, delete the picture).

This year we have a voice to help our school, help our friends, and help all of us as a collective student body. We are held up to many expectations, including the 5 R’s, which all the eighth grade students have so painstakingly listened to for the second year in a row. Eighth graders are held to dress code standards, respect standards, and social standards as well as academic standards. So to help new eighth graders and to let the seventh graders know for next year, I asked some seventh graders what they are looking forward to next year, and had eighth graders respond to those answers, giving their own advice.

One of the most common questions I got from seventh graders was if it got easier to go to school and be in school during eighth grade. Some of the best advice I got for this question was  “It definitely gets easier the second year. All the confusion is gone.” This advice is true for so many things. We know the school better, we know the we know the people better, and we know the Junior High itself way better. Have a great year, and don’t forget to make every day count!

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