Our Library

by Isabella Macioce

If you are a seventh grader here at Santa Barbara Junior High, chances are you’ve only had the opportunity to check out our library once or twice. As an eighth grader, I seriously recommend visiting again (and again), as soon and as often as possible. All the books are geared toward teenagers, of course; all the books in there are in the Young Adult (YA) section, spreading over several different genres. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Dystopian are just a few of the genres found in the extensive selection of our library. If you are a big reader, and especially if you live in Santa Barbara, the library is going to be one of your best resources for finding books to read. The Central Library and East Coast library are wonderful, but they can be limited in the YA book department. In fact, the YA section in many of the library’s around town are insufficient to satisfy most of teenagers in what they want to read. The Santa Barbara Junior High Library does not have this problem, as the shelves are stocked full of amazing books exactly for our age level.

Our library is not only full of great reading material, but all of that reading material is easy to access. For seventh graders who might not be acquainted with our library yet, you do not need a library card, but only the knowledge of your six numbered student ID. Grab a book, go to the front desk, state your ID and boom, you’ve got your book! Also the selection to choose from is always changing. Every month or so, the library gets a new shipment of books, of all different genres. In addition, the library creates a shelf for a different kind of book (e.g books to make you laugh, books to make you cry, LGBTQ books, books to get you out of a reading slump, ect.) for you to pick and choose from. These are always helpful, especially if you are struggling to find something to read.

The librarians employed at SBJH are wonderful, and always willing to help. If you don’t already know, the library is also home to dozens of computers which are available to use for homework and classwork whenever you need. The computers are commonly used for printing purposes, as there is an available printer open for use whenever the library is open. Ms. Chilton, our head librarian, is always willing to help with any of the technology problems you might have. The computer is a vital resource in the modern world of writing, and is extremely useful to work at when you might not have access to one of your own. The library is open both before and after school, as well as during lunch, so any time is a great time to visit.

Overall, our library is well stocked, wonderfully managed, and is equipped to fill both seventh and eighth grade work and reading needs. SBJH librarians are almost always available to help, whether something’s wrong with your computer, or you need help trying to find a book. Reading is an essential part of academic and personal growth, and the amazing resource that is the SBJH library should not be ignored.

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