About Animal Testing


By Haley Yahyavi

Animal testing is a traumatic procedure performed on animals all over the world. During this procedure, all kinds of animals are being tested on with products that are manufactured for humans. Labs do this to check if a product is healthy enough for people to use. Most consumers don’t realize how bad animal testing really is. Products have the potential to cause any animal being tested physical and physiological distress and suffering. After the animal is tested on over and over again, the scientists kill it (because it isn’t of use to them anymore). Over 315,000 innocent animals (such as: bunnies, mice, dogs, cats, etc.) are tested on daily.

If you care at all about the animals, here’s how you can help. One of the biggest actions you can make is not supporting businesses that test on animals. Look for products that say “no animal testing” on them. By supporting people who harm animals in this way, you are essentially giving them money to kill more animals. These animals need your help.

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