Meet Ms. Corpuz


by Sam Torres

You might have noticed a ton of new staff at Santa Barbara Jr High. One of these unfamiliar faces is our new assistant principal Ms. Corpuz. This is her first year as an assistant principal, but she has been teaching for 11 years. Previously, she has worked at Harding Elementary and Reynoldsburg Junior high in Ohio. Don’t worry, though, she is more than qualified for this job. She got a teaching credential at Ohio Miami university and finished it off with her masters at the glorious Ohio State. After getting her masters she started working at Reynoldsburg Junior high, then she moved to Santa Barbara and became a teacher at Harding Elementary. This is her first year at Santa Barbara Jr High. She loves cats and is expecting a baby boy.

When she first met the staff and teachers of the school she was surprised how nice they all were. “The reason why I became an assistant principal is because I loved what I could do in my class, and I want to see what I can do on a school-wide level”, says Ms. Corpuz. She also loved getting to to know all the students and it always made her smile. Although the assistant principal is a harder job, Ms. Corpuz loves new challenges. Hopefully she gets to know all of you lovely students. If you see her in the halls, be sure to stop and say hi.

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