Surf Team


by Emma Zavala

Have you ever been interested in surfing for a competitive team? Or just wanted to get out and surf with your friends, and have a good time? Then the Santa Barbara Junior High Surf Team might be just the thing for you. The Surf Team is composed of two groups: Competitive Team  and Non-Competitive Team. The Competitive Team are kids who want to compete in the “Scholastic Surf Series”, a set of five contests, and a state meet later in the year. The Non-Competitive students just want to go to practices to surf with their friends.

“The kids are still part of the team, they just don’t compete,” says Mr. Fredeen.

The team is run by Mr. Fredeen, one of our school counselors, and has been for the past six years. Practices are every Thursday morning before school at “The Pit” (Hendry’s Beach). Even if you are just starting to surf, or already competing in competitions statewide, the team is a great way to progress your skills. “There are a lot of ways to improve your surfing skills, and one of them is just getting out every week. There are coaches that go out with the kids.

“Competing really improves kids skills because they see what they need to do to be good in competitions,” says Mr, Ferdeen.

Feeling a little nervous to start short boarding now? Or maybe you absolutely cannot stand the thought of longboarding? That’s okay! You can stick to one or the other or both, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Surfing is a learning experience.

Over all, Mr. Fredeen says, “The main goal for students who love to surf have it be a part of their school experience. A lot of times surfing is something that kids do outside of school. We want them to be able to get together as a team and have a good time within SBJHS. We aren’t necessarily concerned if they win anything or even compete if they don’t want to but just to tie in that thing that they love (surfing) with hopefully something else they love which is school.” So if you’re interested at all, the Surf Team is a great way to have fun and surf together with your friends. Contact Mr. Fredeen for further questions.

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