Taylor Swift Concert Review


by Hana Ulep

Everyone knows of the pop-star Taylor Swift. Whether you’ve just heard her on the radio a few times, or you’re a hard-core Swiftie, chances are you’ve heard of her. It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift is one of the most popular/famous people in the world and has influenced and inspired many people. Personally, I have always looked up to Taylor as a role model and just an awesome person. On August 29, I attended her 1989 concert in San Diego at the Petco Park stadium, which was absolutely incredible.

My family and I stayed at the hotel across the street from where she performed. When we walked out of the hotel, the line to get into the stadium wrapped around the entire block and further. After about thirty minutes, we got into the stadium, just in time to catch the last song of Shawn Mendes’s set. Vance Joy was the second act and he played several songs of his like ‘Riptide’. Both of these artists are unique and amazing, and it was great to see them in person.

Finally, Taylor Swift started her performance with ‘Welcome To New York’. Within the first few seconds she appeared on the stage, I was already sobbing! I could not believe that we were so close to her. She continued with her show, playing the whole 1989 album (except one song, ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’) and also played a few songs from her previous albums. She played a hard-rock version of ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ from Red, her album that was released before 1989.  She also played ‘Fearless’ from her even older album Fearless. My favorite song of the night was a medley of her new song ‘Wildest Dreams’ and her older song ‘Enchanted’. That performance was so magical and, just like the song, enchanting, and was a great part of the show. All of Taylor’s performances tell a unique story and were amazing to watch and dance along to.

At each of Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour shows, she has invited a guest performer to perform with her on stage. She has invited many people; artists who had a popular song recently, older artists, or just famous people that the crowd would like to see. For my concert, she invited the artist Omi to play his song ‘Cheerleader’ with her. She also invited Avril Lavigne to come play ‘Complicated’. I loved seeing these artists in person and it was super exciting to see them. Taylor has also surprised the crowd with many people such as Selena Gomez, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc, two actors on the 90s show Friends, Ellen DeGeneres, Lorde, Nick Jonas, and many others.
Taylor’s show was an amazing experience and was truly one of the best nights of my life. I love hearing my favorite songs played by her in person. It was so fun being surrounded by thousands of fellow Swifties to back up my insanity and love for T-Swizzle. Taylor Swift treasures her fans so much that she has her mom, who I saw walking in the stadium, pick out fans with lots of spirit to go backstage to meet her. I wasn’t one of the lucky people to meet her, but I still had a spectacular time and will hold this experience with me forever.

2 responses to “Taylor Swift Concert Review

  1. Very well written piece! Catured the essence of a Taylor Swift concert perfectly. I felt like I was there with you!

    Well done!

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