Santa Barbara Beaches

th-30By Kristen Sell

Sandy toes, wet hair, and salty air. The beach is an amazing place to be. And we have plenty really nice beaches right here in Santa Barbara! You just have to know what they’re called, and what they’re best for.

Hammonds and Miramar are really popular beaches. This is because they are super clean in terms of tar and trash. Haley Yahyavi said that they are also really nice because,”Not a lot of people know about these beaches, so that gives you the illusion that the beach is private when you are there.” Hailey Zheng added, “Padaro is an unknown beach as well.”

I love Hammonds, Miramar, and Padaro beach, and I agree with Hailey and Haley, but I like Sandspit, and Carpinteria beach the best. This is because these beaches are packed with a million things to do! Sandspit is great because it’s located right in the middle of the pier, and the Shoreline Cafe. To get there you have to walk through the harbor, which is also fun because there’s always something fun going on in the harbor. You can rent kayaks and kayak to Sandspit which is super exciting as well. I recommend bringing your own stand-up paddleboards, and kayaks if you have them. I also would recommend bringing lunch or eating at the Shoreline Cafe, because sandspit is a place where you can stay all day since it almost never gets boring. In my opinion, Carpinteria beach is similar because of all the the things to do there. I acknowledge that Carp is not located in SB, but it is close, and when you are there, you can almost instantly forget how long the car ride was. 7th grader, Charlie Hess, agrees with me. He says, “Carp beach is great! It’s got volleyball courts, and docks you can swim out to and jump off of!” Carp beach is located fantastic too. There is plenty of walking distance beach restaurants, and they have a very popular Shave Ice stand! I highly recommend a hamburger place called The Shop.

Another popular beach is East Beach. East Beach is easy to find, it’s got a grill, and bathhouse. Its waves are fantastic for boogie boarding; they are usually always consistent, and easy to catch. Hana Ulep said, “I like East Beach because it’s not rocky, and they have volleyball courts.” I agree with Hana, but since it’s a tourist attraction, it gets really crowded and overpopulated. So, I wouldn’t go on holidays or weekends.

Two really popular beaches that are fantastic for surfing are Campus Point and Rincon Point. Campus Point is also really cool because the water is super clear, and it’s great for finding shells. Emma Zavala said, “I grew up surfing at Leadbetter Beach, but I have come to love Rincon and Campus Point.” Leadbetter is also great because it’s local, but it is extremely rocky. I would not recommend it for beginners.

The last three most enjoyed beaches are Santa Claus, Butterfly, and Hendry’s. Santa Claus is liked because it has great boogie boarding waves, and it’s overall really nice. Butterfly is the place to go if you want to cross someone famous. There is an inn close to Butterfly, and famous people tend to stay there. Hendry’s is a popular beach because there is a restaurant, dogs are allowed, and there are tons of fun hiking trails right there.

If you are a Santa Barbara citizen, you have a million amazing local beaches all for different activities. Have some fun, and try them out!

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