Meet Ms. Ricter!


By Grace Miller

Emily Ricter is a new addition to the 2015-2016 Santa Barabara Junior High staff. She is an inspiring woman with a heart to spare. She puts her students before herself, and always wants the best for them.

She is an educational specialist. “I like to help students who have a hard time learning. Growing up, I had a hard time learning and had helpful teachers that were supportive of me.” She learned from this experience that she would like to help her students the same way that she was helped growing up. “I love junior high students, and heard that SBJHS is a great school” says Ms. Ricter, and for this reason, she chose to work here.

For Ms. Ricter, the career choice of becoming a teacher was inspired by the amazing teachers she had growing up. She tells us “I have also been a therapist and counselor,” she had worked with children and adults during these careers. After those jobs she chose to become a teacher and has been doing that ever since. She has been teaching for about 15 years. Lastly I had asked Ms. Ricter “what one thing would you like you students to know about you?” She responded by saying that when she was younger, English was the hardest subject for her. “I just want my students to know that I wasn’t great at English either,” Ms. Ricter says that she wants to help her students learn what they need to learn and look where is she is now, she is an English teacher.

Ms. Ricter, as you can see, contributes a lot to our school. She is really important, nice, and fun, and will make sure that her students have a great year.

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