An Interview With Mrs. Vogt


by Emma Zavala

Mrs. Vogt has been teaching here at Santa Barbara Junior High School for five years now and has been tasked with some new subjects. This year she will be teaching seventh and eighth grade  history. In previous years, she’s taught seventh grade social studies and eighth grade English. Although teaching two subjects a day  might seem difficult, Mrs. Vogt says she enjoys it because “it keeps things interesting.”

After attending Chico State for a degree in News Editorial as well as minoring in English, she got her teaching credential at San Jose State. Vogt says that growing up in a household where both of her parents were in education probably influenced her decision to teach. She has since taught at both La Cumbre Junior High and SBJHS. In an interview, she told us that she would someday hopefully like to move up to the high school level. As for now, some goals that she has set for herself this year include building up her curriculum and making a fun year full of great projects. Mrs. Vogt tells us that one of her only goals for her students would to just be to get them to enjoy history.

If you have Mrs. Vogt this year as an eighth grader, beware of her expectations. As a former student, I can justify that if you pay attention and do your work (just like in any other class) you will pass. However, if you slack off, you will pay the price. “Eighth graders do have more maturity, as well as more attitude. Seventh graders tend to panic a lot, they don’t trust themselves yet. No doubt that eighth graders have more attitude,” Vogt tells us. Paying attention can be hard but she says, “ [it] definitely depends on the unit. There are some units where everybody is stoked, and others that are kinda boring. It’s hard to make it interesting.”

“I’m a better teacher because I taught English for fifteen years. I think English has given me so much, and has made me a good history teacher. I think I bring out the best in the students in terms of writing. Kids know that I have high expectations, but at the same time I’m pretty relaxed, but I do think that English and history, that’s my strength and that’s what makes me a good teacher.”

If you have Mrs. Vogt or want her next year, she is absolutely fabulous! Do your work, stay on task, and have fun in her class because that’s what makes it interesting.

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