Superheroes: Marvel and DC


By Charlie Hess

Hi everyone! This article is about superheroes and supervillains of the DC and Marvel universe. If you didn`t know, popular superheroes like Superman and Batman were created over 70 years ago. One main reason for the creation of these heroes was that in the 1930s and 1940s, America experienced the great depression, they created superheroes to give them hope during this rough time. DC and Marvel are two very similar, yet different companies. Their similarities are that they both produce movies, comics, tv shows, and characters. The differences they have are that they produce very different superheroes with very different powers and personalities. For example, The Flash {by DC} and Quicksilver {by Marvel}  they both can run at incredibly fast speeds. However, The Flash has a funny, slicked-back personality, while Quicksilver is very mature and serious. They are both very popular companies that produce awesome material, but they do have their flaws. People say that DC needs to work on their movies, because they are “not very impressive.” Also, Marvel needs to add or create better sidekicks because people say that they don’t have enough and the ones that they already have, we are not satisfied with. Personally, I prefer DC over Marvel because of how creative DC is.

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