IOS 9 Update Review


by Jubilee Lettieri

If you didn’t know, the iOS 9 update was just released, and there are many new and interesting features to check out. Since many junior high students have iPhones, we got some preferences from our journalism students to see what they think about the new update.

I asked 11 students in my journalism class about the iOS 9, and about 36% of the students didn’t have the new update. Roughly 54% of the students really enjoy it and have been exploring it and finding new things. Meanwhile, 9% of the students didn’t like the new update.

Some of the new features include the ability to draw pictures in your notes, new built in apps, and faster, easier access to the apps you have already downloaded.  Apple also updated Siri, who is now smarter than ever, and changed some of the display. For example, when you go to get rid of running apps (when you double click the home button), they overlap on each other and seem to rotate around in a circle.

I interviewed eighth grade student Hana Ulep about the update. She says that she enjoys it, but that there are a lot of differences from previous updates. On the downside, she doesn’t like the new font type and she doesn’t like the sliding web pages being on the left side because she’s not left handed. Her favorite thing about it is the drawing update in the notes. She says it a lot of fun and is definitely a great improvement to the previous version.

In my opinion I like the new update but it will get some getting used to. If you haven’t updated to the iOS 9 and you have an iPhone, iPod,or iPad update your device now!

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