Picture Day


By Talia Honikman

Yesterday, October 5th, was picture day at SBJHS, and once we received our IDs at the end of whatever period we had, there were a lot of screaming girls (and even a few boys) who weren’t happy with the way that their pictures turned out.

It seems like typically, the outfits are chosen and hairdos and poses are decided on early that morning or the night before. Maybe some of us practiced smiling in our mirrors, or decided on accessories to wear. Some of us didn’t really think about it. Either way, the taking of the photo is a big production, and some parts of it seem kind of unnecessary.

The photos were taken during students’ P.E. period. When you first get to the cameras, you are told to stand at a slightly awkward angle with your feet sticking out in either direction. At this point the photographers come over and will adjust your outfit until it is deemed “appropriate.” This involved adjusting straps, pulling down shirts, and even moving people’s hair. (Typically at this point, students are unhappy with the way they look.) And there’s more to come: they pose you for the camera as well.

Option one is much less drastic and uncomfortable: you are told to put your thumbs in your pockets if you have pockets and give your best smile. If you don’t have pockets or if you are sent to a specific photography station, the setup for the picture is much more excessive.

You are first told to put your hand on your hip. But they don’t actually mean your hip, they mean more than halfway down your thigh. Once you are in this position, you are facing away from the camera lense, so you have to rotate your torso to be facing front. And once you are facing front, you are told to angle your head to the left and jut your chin out, all while smiling.

While one pose is more comfortable than the other, either way your picture will be taken, and you will be free to go back to class (and left to worry about how the photo will come out.)

When students got their IDs yesterday, there were a lot of mixed feelings going around. Some quietly pocketed the cards, while others ran off to show the picture to their friends. A few girls screamed upon receiving their photos, while others laughed off how ridiculous they thought they looked. For me, it was odd to be surrounded by people who were so focused on criticizing the looks of themselves and their friends, or assuring them that they looked okay when they were positive that they didn’t.

At this age, many of us are very particular about the way we look; not just in pictures, but in real time as well. So the snapshots that featured students who had been especially jostled with, or whose outfits had been altered, seemed to generate the most disappointment and irritation.

In general, I would say that picture day was a success. And for everyone who is unhappy with their picture, you won’t have to show it off for a long timeーor at least, until the yearbook comes out.

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