Top Scary Movies








by Jacqueline Velasco

Halloween is just around the corner; children are picking out their costumes, carving pumpkins, or shopping for fall. Some people go out with friends and hang out, others not so much. If you’re anti-social like I am, and like staying in watching movies, then this article is just for you! It’s a list of all my favorite horror movies that will make your night terrifying, yet fun.

*Rated R because of violence

  1. Halloween*


This is a great film. On Halloween of 1963, Michael Myers, a six-year old, stabbed his sister to death. After being put in a mental hospital for 15 years, he escapes the hospital and returns to his hometown Haddonfield to kill again.

  1. The Exorist*

After a young teenage girl is being possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks help from two priests to save her daughter.

  1. The Conjuring

A family living in a farmhouse seek immediate help from paranormal investigators; Ed and Lorraine Warren to see what is terrorizing the family’s house.

  1. The Grudge

A nurse working and living in Tokyo is being exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse. It attacks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and moving on to the next victim.

  1. The Ouija

After a sudden suicide of a teenager, her friends try to contact her through the famous Ouija board that she used to own, to find the answer to why she did this. After opening a dark spirit, they have to find a way to make the dark presence go away in order to let them live peacefully.
Hopefully you enjoy these movie as much as I do. Until next time!

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