The Selection Book Review


By Talia Honikman

I recently finished The Selection, a phenomenal dystopian-esque book series by author Kiera Cass. I was told to read them by a friend of mine, and so I checked the first installment of the series out of the library (being particularly wary of books about princesses, I did so quite reluctantly), and began to read.

I couldn’t stop reading. Once I finished the first book, I immediately went and checked out the second, followed by the third. I couldn’t get enough of these books I had so begrudgingly agreed to read. The books are pretty easy, so I read each book over and over again; I couldn’t resist the pull I felt to the world within those pages, even when the books were sitting innocently in my backpack.

America Singer, the main character of the stories, lives in Illéa, a futuristic North America, where a monarchy as well as eight castes have been placed into the society (meaning that there are eight social and/or economic standings, with One being the royal family and Eight being the lowest (homeless) and least desirable.) America, who is a Five, gets a note that says the prince of Illéa, Prince Maxon Schreave, will be holding the Selection, a competition to be his wife. Even with pressure from her mother and sister, America isn’t interested in entering the competition, because she is already secretly dating Aspen Ledger, who is a Six. Aspen begs America to enter in order to have a better life, but America wants to marry him no matter what. She tells him she doesn’t want to marry the prince, but he pushes her and she finally agrees.

America arrives at the Palace as one of the lowest castes there. She is weary and irritated by the attitudes of some of the other girls, and is particularly annoyed by the Prince’s stiff and formal personality, but gradually she becomes close with the other girls as well as Maxon.

Everything changes, however, when Aspen joins the Royal Guard and shows up at the palace, Prince Maxon and Aspen are fighting hard for her attention, and America is forced to choose where her loyalty really lies.

This book was an amazing read. The writing is detailed and can make you love a character one moment and hate them the next. What’s more, there are three sequels that follow the first book, and they all kept me on the tip of my toes, wondering what would happen to the selected girls, Aspen, Prince Maxon, and especially America. Also, Kiera Cass has announced that another book is going to follow the fourth, and I absolutely can’t wait.

Go check this awesome series out today; it’s totally worth a read.

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