About ASB

Talia's article

by Coraline Crannell

If you were out at club day, you may have seen the table advertising our school’s Associated Student Body (ASB). This is a great club that our school offers. It meets every Tuesday at lunch in room 156. It is open to both 7th and 8th graders alike, and if you have not already joined. ASB is a great way to get involved in and help out at our school, and this year we have many great officers. Along with participating in and being a general member of the club, they also have some other responsibilities.

Our president is Coleman Mortenson. Some of the things that Coleman has to do as president are run the ASB meetings, give speeches, and some other things, and overall just represent our school in a positive way and be a good role model for fellow students. He wanted to become our school’s president because he loves being able to lead and help other students, and he wanted to make a difference at his school.

This year’s Vice President is Sophia Cordero. Sophia helps the other officers out when needed. Also, if Coleman is ever absent, she is the one who would take his place and run the meetings.

The voice heard during fourth period announcements is that of Chase Kimball. Chase wanted to be Sergeant at Arms primarily because he enjoys public speaking, and he thought that it would be a really cool thing to do.

Our secretary is Kiara Linver. She has to record and announce each week’s ASB minutes. One of Kiara’s favorite things about ASB is how it gives you the opportunity to really help her school and bring everyone closer together.

Lesslye Rodriguez was elected as this year’s treasurer. She is in charge of all of their accounting and anything regarding money, such as fund raisers and using the money for our school in appropriate ways.

This year, our school’s Historian is Mariana Cardoro. She has to write two ‘Important Days in History’ speeches per month that are then announced during fourth period, and also goes around and takes pictures during special school events.

ASB is not all fun and games, however. The officers also have to plan and participate in other less-fun school events. Because of that, our officers hope to see more fun things , such as dances and dress-up days, and just overall have a super fun and successful school year.

I also asked ASB advisor, Ms. Sanchez, about any goals that she had for ASB this year. “My goals for ASB this year are to make our school a better community, with everyone involved”, she stated

Do any of these offices interest you, seventh graders? Are you an eighth grader at the school who couldn’t do ASB last year? Maybe you don’t want to be in charge of too much or have to do all of the above things? Either way, you can still join ASB and have a bunch of fun. See you next Tuesday!

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