Asian Club


by Hailey Zheng

You don’t need to be Asian to join the club! In fact, only a fraction of the students who participate in the club descend from Asian countries. This club is in place to celebrate Asian cultures, languages, food and much more, but is in no way discriminative!

On Friday, October 9, the first Asian club meeting was held in Mrs. Garza’s room (102). On the first day, we introduced ourselves, discussed ideas, and folded origami.

In the future, we plan on introducing more Asian languages, learning about religions, holidays, and cultures, and eating Asian food. We have already introduced Mandarin Chinese to the class and everyone is excited to learn more languages!

“Asian club is great! I always look forward to the fun activities that we do and learning about the interesting cultures,” says 8th grade student Hana Ulep.

“Asian club is awesome. We do all these fun things like eating pocky and learning Chinese while having fun with a group of friends,” says 8th grader Talia Honikman. “It’s great.”

Eighth graders aren’t the only members who can join the club! Seventh graders Jubilee Lettieri and Jocelyn Gallardo are active members of Asian club.

“This club is a great cultural experience that everybody should be able to enjoy,” says Jocelyn.

“It’s [Asian club] a lot of fun because you get to learn about other cultures. It’s a great learning experience!” says Jubilee.

If you are looking to eat some yummy Asian food and watch some fun films, join Asian club! It is a great way to connect with Asian cultures and appreciate the many Asian countries the students in the club are from.

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