Best Places to Trick or Treat


by John Deleon and Sam Torres

Halloween is only a week away and people are already filling their Halloween candy bowls for “trick-or-treaters”. If you are like me and plan to go trick or treating, you should know a couple places Santa Barbara Junior High students recommended. After surveying the Journalism class for their top choices, we came up with a TOP 3. Here is the countdown.

At number 3 is Montecito is well known its luxurious neighborhoods and the wealthy families that occupy those houses. From the wealthy comes king’s sized candy bars and huge amounts of candy. Magnificent decorations reign over the neighborhood at night and every house is decorated in outstanding lights. Many “trick-or-treaters” come here only for the massive amounts of candies they will get from one neighborhood.

Coming in at number 2 is The Mesa! is always packed on Halloween, it still is a great place to go. The majority of candy the trick-or-treaters get doesn’t come from the house, but from the shops that line the streets. Most to all of the stores go out of their way to give candy or some sort of treat to all of the upcoming trick-or-treaters. Many stores open really early for the young “trick-or-treaters”. The Mesa is a perfect place to trick or treat for the young or old trick-or-treaters and even for intense trick-or-treaters who get pillowcases full of candy.

Finally, the number one location for Trick or Treating is Coast Village Road: has little amounts of people, yet at the same time has so much to offer. For example, it is a great place to bring your family and they even have a Halloween costume contest! There are also family business owners that give out candy. You can always get your Halloween bag filled up here!

These are only a few great places in Santa Barbara to trick or treat. What do you think? What is your favorite neighborhood for Trick or Treating? Submit your ideas here and we’ll share them online! Hopefully you and all of your friends can check out these cool places this Halloween!

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