FUSE Night


by Emma Zavala

Last Thursday, October 15th, was our school’s FUSE Night for eighth graders. “FUSE Night is a fusion of family, students, and community. Science as a group so to speak. Volunteer graduate students from UCSB lead families through science activities,” says Mrs. Garza, eighth grade science teacher and head of FUSE Night. Santa Barbara Junior High has been running FUSE Night for about ten years now and it is definitely a great way to learn about science!

At FUSE Night, students and their families start in the Globe Theater and make their way to three stations, such as physics, chemistry, and marine biology, run by UCSB grad students. In these stations, the grad students do activities and explain the basics about the subject that they are “teaching” for the night. “I believe it’s important for families to attend because they can experience science together with an expert to answer any questions,” Mrs. Garza tells us.

It’s good for students to attend to learn, but also so they can get more excited about science and let their parents into their own little school world that us students have for six hours every day. Parents often feel disconnected from their kids’ school and this is great way to create common experiences.

So if you are excited about science, need a science project idea, or just want to spend quality time with your family, make sure to check out FUSE Night this spring for another taste of these fun activities, and maybe even a new one!

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