Twin Day


by Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng

Do you have school spirit?

On October 14th, Twin Day took place here at Santa Barbara Junior High School. It was a fun day where students (and staff) were given the opportunity to dress like their friends. Some students went all out and and matched every clothing item, down to their socks! Others decided to simply wear a flannel along with their friend(s), while the rest of the school decided to just go solo with their own unique style and skip out on this fun spirited day.

Some spirited students stood out from the crowd. Biological twins Sierra and Brooke Clark embraced their identicality by wearing matching clothes and, obviously, looking alike. They said, “It was cool because I already look the same as my sister so it was fun to just wear the same clothes.” “Twins” Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng were also very spirited and decided to match their hairstyle, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, and even their socks. We asked 8th graders Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng about their twinning experience and they replied “It was a fantastic day. We believe school spirit is a key factor to the door to a great junior high experience (pun intended), and it’s also really great to have some fun at school in the middle of all the academic learning.” We also asked 7th grader Jubilee Letteiri what she thought of this day. She responded, “It was really fun. My twin and I wore the same shirts and leggings.”.

Another exciting part of Twin Day was the raffle! Students who matched clothes with their friends could enter. Students Melia Haller, Lola Crane-Flores, Elise Arcuri, and Mia Andrade won the prize of a Yogurtland gift card! Unfortunately, students Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng were unavailable to participate. Shame. This raffle was a fun way to win a prize for participating.
Fun spirit days like Twin Day make the school year very fun and something to look forward to. It was clear that this day was a success and everyone had a great time! If you are in seventh grade, be sure to participate in this fun school event next year!

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