The Martian Movie Review


by Hailey Zheng

If you are interested in suspenseful, action-packed movies, then The Martian may be the movie for you. The movie is 2 hours and 22 minutes long, and it is rated PG-13, so most seventh and eighth graders should be old enough to see this by themselves or with a friend. This  film-adaptation of The Martian by Andy Weir features Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut. He and his crew are studying the environment of Mars, when suddenly, a huge storm brews and his crew believes him to be dead; so they leave the planet, leaving Mark behind. Mark tries to communicate with Earth and get back safely.

Some actors you may recognize may include part of Watney’s co-astronauts. Jessica Chastain plays Melissa Lewis, the captain of the astronomical team. Members of the team include Kate Mara as Beth Johanssen, Michael Pena as Rick Martinez, and Askel Hennie as Alex Vogel. Other actors featured in The Martian include, but are not limited to: Kristen Wiig, Donald Glover, and Jeff Daniels. These amazing actors have worked together to put on a very convincing and engaging performance for viewers.

Since I don’t like watching movies where people become discouraged, I appreciated how positive the characters stayed throughout the entire movie. Humor plays a large role in this movie, and not only me, but the entirety of the audience in the theater laughed. Although there is some profanity, the jokes and overall amusement appeals to people of many generations. I went to see this movie with my grandparents, parents, and my brother, and I can safely say that all of us had a good time watching it.

Another great quality of this movie is that instead of being pitted against each other, NASA and other organizations work together in a non-competitive way to achieve their goal. The characters don’t take a negative view on their situations (that don’t look to happy), which is always a good change from the typical things shown on-screen.

If you get easily stressed out (like me) over suspense, then you may want to reconsider watching this movie because of all of the aspects of chance and things that could go wrong. I did stress out a bit during the climax, but once I reminded myself that this was only a movie, my anxiety (slightly) subdued. Although it is never fun to be stressed (especially on others’ accounts), the mix between happiness and almost no hope are perfect ingredients to produce the perfect film.

Rotten Tomatoes has rated this movie with an incredibly high 93%, with an average rating of 7.9/10, and 241 “fresh tomatoes” and 21 “rotten tomatoes.” Their top critics have given it 8.1/10, with 30 “fresh tomatoes” and only 3 “rotten tomatoes.” IMDb has rated it as 8.3/10. While professional critics may give the Martian those ratings, I rate the movie a 9/10-10/10. I think this was an excellent movie that introduces you to the world of scientists and exceedable statistics, which gives a sort of mature feeling to people of all ages. The balance of fact (and what the characters think) in contrast to what really happens in this film is excellent. If you want to indulge yourself in an excellent movie, then check out The Martian! It won’t be in theaters for long, so don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to head to the theaters and watch it as soon as you can!

One response to “The Martian Movie Review

  1. Very well put, Ms. Zheng! You captured the excitement, suspense, and the high quality of the technical aspects!!

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