The Problem With Procrastination


by Emma Zavala

Procrastination is something that many students are acquainted with. Whether it be procrastinating doing your homework or doing the dishes, many people struggle with getting tasks done. Although putting things off until the last minute may seem like a good idea, when you finally have to get the work done, it can get very stressful. I have much experience with procrastination and know the struggle of cramming in a three page essay in one night. Here are some ways to beat the laziness and still be able to have some time for yourself.

Step One: Lay out all of your work. If you write your work in an agenda, it’s much easier to know what you have to get done and what to focus on based on when the assignment is due or how difficult it is.

Step Two: Create a timeline for yourself. Time management is something that lots of people struggle with and it can end up hurting your grades in the long run. By making a schedule for your work, you can figure out the best times to study, work, and still have time to watch TV or go to the beach.

Step Three: Follow that timeline!!! If you keep up with that time schedule, chances are that you will get your work done. Fall behind a day? Just make sure to make up that work the next day, or when you can’t, just don’t wait until the last possible time to finish.

You can use these step in many aspects of your life. Your family life has many responsibilities and if you don’t get those done, your parents have the power to get you in lots of trouble. It’s in your best interest to not procrastinate and to do those dishes, clean your room, or walk the dog.  In your social life, you have the responsibility to make events happen or be a good friend. If your friend needs help with something, be there for them and don’t just put them off. Their conflict may not be a huge deal to you, but could be really important to them. Just be sure that you still have time to finish schoolwork and not get wrapped up in drama. This brings me to my next point of schoolwork. Homework, big assignments, and tests to study for are very important. If you want to be successful in life, then you need in school first; but that can’t happen when you’re procrastinating and not completing your work. Studying can be very boring, stressful, and time consuming. My piece of advice: just get it done! You will appreciate it in the long run. And after all, you will still have all summer to enjoy the sun and hang out with your friends.

So if you have trouble staying on task or like to put things off until the last moment, just remember that you can make things easy for yourself just by following these steps and taking your time to do good work.

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