Twins Score Twice on Twin Day

Sierra Scores

by Joy Patterson

When ASB decided to make October 14th Twin Day, they had no idea the positive effect it would have on the after school sports’ girl’s soccer game.

Twins Sierra and Brooke Clark made two amazing goals against La Colina’s girls soccer team. Brooke scored in the first half of the game. She had shot the ball in the center of the net, into the hands of the goalie. As the goalie was fumbling with the ball, Brooke had ran up and tapped the ball the goalie had dropped into the the goal.

After the first goal, it was practically Sierra’s duty to score again, so she did. The ball had been passed up to another player on the team who then immediately passed the across the field to the waiting twin, Sierra. As soon as she got the ball, Sierra saw her chance and shot. The ball flew into the goal, stealing the win literally one play before the whistle that ended the game. The entire team was ecstatic and phrases similar to, “Its twin day! One scored and the other had to!” filled the air. This was an exciting and successful game for Santa Barbara Junior High School’s girl’s soccer team with a final score of 2-0. All who saw the game cheered until they couldn’t while our team dominated the game. This game was an overall high point for the condor’s girl soccer teams and congratulations to Brooke, Sierra, and the rest of the team for winning this game. Go Condors!

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