Cookie or Cream?


by Sam Torres

Everyone knows and loves the classic Oreo cookie. This treat has two parts, the cookie and the cream. With the cookie and cream also comes a huge debate about which is better. Many people prefer the cream ,while others argue the cookie is better.

6/16 people in my journalism class preferred the cookie while 9/16 said the cream was the best. Surprisingly one of the students had a different opinion. “The cookie is the best part”, argues Johnathan Deleon. “The cream is better,” reply all the cream enthusiasts. Although the cookie is great all together people still have their favorites.

In my opinion the rich cream defines the Oreo cookie. The cream is made up of powdered sugar, vanilla extract, water, granulated sugar, vegetable shortening, and a few other ingredients Nabisco, the company that makes the Oreo, doesn’t  want you to know. This may sound a bit nasty but trust me if you haven’t had a cookie you are missing out. “You can’t have the cookie without the cream, it just doesn’t work,” says a 7th grade student.

The beloved Oreo main focus was of course the cookie. The cookie has a unique taste to it that separates it from any standard cookie. The chocolaty goodness slowly becomes super addictive. “The crunchiness defines the cookie,” stated Johnathan  Deleon. Although the cookie was the underdog in the poll, people still appreciate and love the chocolaty crunchy cookie.

Surprisingly, one of the students who was asked the question couldn’t answer. “They depend on each other to make the cookie work, they are equally as special,” says 8th grade Oreo fanatic Emma Zavala.

Although the Oreo is just a cookie many people still have their opinions on which is better, the cookie or the cream

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