Red Ribbon Week


by Grace Miller, Jocelyn Gallardo, Hailey Zheng

Red Ribbon week started all because of a tragic event in 1985. A man by the name of Enrique Camarena was an undercover agent in Mexico to help stop the selling of drugs. In the process, he was killed by drug traffickers (people who sell drugs). In memory of him and many others, we celebrate Red Ribbon week (RRW)  to remind us that drug abuse is something that goes on in our world and is worth stopping.

At our school, SBJHS, we are here to pledge and promise to be drug free. We use this historic week as a way to bring awareness and stop drug and alcohol abuse in our society. This past week we have been doing activities to inform people of RRW. Each day of the week a new activity has put into action on our school grounds with the help of ASB and Ms. P. These activities include the dizzy mummy, donut eating contest, pledging to be drug free, water balloon toss, whipped cream contest, and a Halloween costume contest.

The dizzy mummy, which occurred on Monday, was a game where students were rapped in toilet paper. They were spun around and became dizzy, hence the term, dizzy mummy. The object of the game was to completely cover the body in toilet paper as well as making them dizzy.This fun and festive game was worth playing and every one who did had lots of fun.

On Tuesday, we introduced the donut eating contest in the quad as well as having people pledge to be drug free. Students from the ASB club walked around the quad asking people to pledge to be drug free. In order to do this, students wrote their names down on a red stip of paper and were given a braclet. That day 350 students pledged to be drug free. The strips of paper were hung in front of the office in a chain like pattern. For everyone who pledged, their names are up there. So look out for your name. The donut eating contest was a fun and yummy game that got everyone excited. Donuts were hung on a poll by stings and students had to eat the donuts without their hands. So many people did it that they ran out of donuts.

On Wednesday, was the water balloon toss. This was an exciting and wet event that took place behind the girl’s locker room. In this event people tossed water balloons at each other I hopes it would get somebody wet. this was fun game that was enjoyed by anyone who played.The whipped cream contest took place the following day in the quad. The object of the game was to eat a plate full of whipped cream without your hands. It was messy, but worth it.

Finally, on Friday, there was a costume contest in the quad. People who thought they had a great costume went to compete. There were different categories. These included: scariest, funniest, spookiest, and most creative. This was a fun event and we hope you participated. RRW is an important event and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Ms. P said, “I think RRW is an important time and is worth promoting.” So go into our community and help promote RRW!

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