How To: Winter Spirit


by Kristen Sell

If you’re from California, or any other place where the weather decides to stay the same throughout the whole 365 days in a year, than you might need some tips to procure that winter spirit. When thinking of winter, I envision twinkly lights, yummy treats, and aromas that smell of spices. Hopefully the the many diy (do-it-yourself) projects and tips occurring in the next paragraphs will bring forth your inner winter spirit. Imagine it is around christmas time in your neighborhood. For the most part, christmas lights twinkle, and tend to pour light throughout the long, dark streets of your neighbourhood. Consequently lighting up everyone’s hearts. Guess what? You can make your own room have a similar effect. First, you’ll need christmas lights, whether they be colored festive rainbow, bright white, or twinkly ice blue. Next, you’ll need to dig through your recycle bin and find cardboard pieces that are big enough to be cut into letters as big as binder faces. Then, you’re going to cut the cardboard pieces into letters that make up a short word (so you won’t have to cut as much). After that, you’ll need to hang the letters up on an empty wall in your room and wrap the christmas lights around the letters, like you would wrap them around a fence.


As you probably know, diy mason jar crafts, and activities are popping up all over social media. Recognizing that, I created some delicious desserts in mason jars. The first mason jar desert is a “snowflake” inspired treat. As a base, crumble sugar cookies into the bottom of the jar. Next, scoop vanilla ice cream into the jar. Then, squirt vanilla or eggnog flavored whip cream up to the brim of the jar. To top it off, sprinkle snowflake shaped sprinkles over the whip cream.

This next mason jar dessert will bring you back to you and your closest friends and family huddling around the warm fire. A “s’mores” inspired treat! First, stuff graham cracker crumbs into the bottom of the jar. Next, scoop out chocolate ice cream or pudding and layer it over the graham crackers. Then, scoop out marshmallow cream, or warm up marshmallows and place them on top of the masterpiece. Finally, drizzle some caramel, and leftover graham cracker crumbs. You could even crush some pecans on top just to make it a little more seasonal. Viola!


The last mason jar dessert is truly “christmas” inspired. Start off by crumbling chocolate Oreo cookie or chocolate cookie into the jar. Next, scoop vanilla, or peppermint ice cream over the cookies. Then, squirt vanilla whip cream all the way to the brim. Candy Cane flakes (that can be made by crushing candy canes) will be the topper of this tasty treat!

Sweet cinnamon, tasty nutmeg, strong cinnamon, and delicious apple are all scents that come into focus when Christmas is present. By smelling like these scents, you’re winter spirit can easily boost, guaranteed. My two favorite places to buy winter cosmetics/ shower items are Bath and Body Works, and Lush. At Bath and Body Works, I usually buy christmas-smelling hand sanitizer, and lotion. This is because hand sanitizer is really easy to use in public. I recommended buying lotion because your skin tends to get dry in the winter, so it be much more useable than perhaps summer-smelling lotions. At Lush, I suggest buying their bath bombs, shower jellies, and bubble bars. This is because Lush always creates special bath bombs, bubble bars, and shower jellies for the winter season that smell absolutely miraculous.

Enjoy winter this year with all of these tips and tricks to help you along!

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