Romeo And Pirouette Production!


By Joy Patterson

If you want some good entertainment this weekend, come to Santa Barbara Junior High School for the school’s first play of the year! The first of the two acts being performed this year, Romeo and Pirouette, takes the stage this Friday and Saturday The performance will be in the Marjorie Luke Theater on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th at 7 o’clock pm, with an admission fee of $5 for kids and students and $10 for adults. Parts of the two acts were also performed this past Monday during 5th and 6th period for the classes with teachers who were allowing their classes to attend.

The majority of this performance’s actors are students attending SBJHS and have gone through an approximate eight week session of rehearsal and practice, a total of over one hundred hours. The cast is joined by a few professional ballet dancers who have provided instruction for the dancing. This entire performance is conducted by Mr. Lashua, the performing arts teacher. Mr. Lashua has been involved with drama for 15 years and been the performing arts teacher at SBJHS for 6 years.

“The great thing about the performing business is every play is different and the students always do a great job,” says Mr. Lashua.

All students that tried out for the play received a part and all who were interested were able to participate. There are over 30 people are engaged in this production. These students not only participate in the play, but also helped with putting together things like props, backdrops, sets, lights, and sound. These students have also given up their own time in order to put on this incredible play. Every Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes for the entire week, the students are at the school until 5 o’clock in the evening rehearsing for the play. They also had to practice lines and choreography. In addition, they have come to school on weekends to help with the production of the performance.

This performance is split into two acts. The first act consists of ballet created by Library Dances to help depict the plot of this classic play. Library Dances is a program that has been coming to schools for two years and has helped create and put on dances from existing material. This year they are involved with the first act of the play, Romeo and Pirouette. The second act, Drop Dead, Juliet!,  is a comedy production where Juliet no longer wants to die at the end of each play. So, she changes the entire plot resulting in hilarious and disastrous results. This second act is a fun and interesting twist on the original play written by Shakespeare that is appealing to many.

Romeo and Pirouette, the double feature, is a piece involving dancing, narration, acting, and laughter that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is definitely worth watching when it appears this coming week.

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