GMO Controversy


by Hana Ulep and Haley Yahyavi

After attending a Neil Young concert, I was moved by not only the music, but also the message he shared through it. Classic rock artist Neil Young released an entire album dedicated to GMOs and why they are a negative impact to us. He began his concert by having actors play GMO scientists and spray the stage with (fake) GMOs. It all looked very realistic and made me wonder exactly what most humans are putting into their body everyday when they eat their food, and more about GMOs in general. It also made me curious about their positive qualities and how they can help us as well.

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are living organisms that have been artificially manipulated. These organisms’ genetic material has been modified and altered in labs. In the labs, scientists use chemicals that enlarge the food to feed larger populations. GMOs are created to enlarge the natural size of food, bug-resistance, and for the company’s financial success. There is a lot of controversy over whether they are good or bad for us and our environment.

Scientists have been doing studies on whether GMOs negatively affect our bodies or not. Some experiments show that the materials that scientists use to create these organisms can harm us in the long run. Other studies conclude that GMOs initiate some allergies.

Although GMOs often come off as negative, they definitely have positive qualities that could help us and our populations. A major facet they have (that could benefit us greatly) is their increase in size of food. World hunger has been a huge issue in our world for a long time, as we have more people in this world and not enough food to feed them all. With the enhancement of food size from GMOs, many more people could get the food they need.

In our journalism class, we took a poll to determine whether people think GMOs are positive or negative. The majority of our class said that they are bad, a few were in favor of them, and some were neutral.

7th grader Joy Patterson says that “The food is modified so much that, in some cases, it’s hardly healthy anymore.” Grace Miller, another anti-GMO student, states that “It’s like eating chemicals.”

While most of our class is against GMOs, some of them were in favor for them. “We’re running out of resources, and it’s not poisonous, so I think it’s worth it.”. A GMO-neutral 8th grader Hailey Zheng states her opinion on GMOs, “GMOs are good and bad. The issue of world hunger can be improved by creating larger food items. On the other hand, the food is being processed into something that it isn’t.” The controversy that GMOs bring is huge, and many have diverse opinions. Leave your opinions in the comments!

One response to “GMO Controversy

  1. Another thing to think about is that things like pluots are a product of GMO, but mainly it is used to prevent the plants from being effected by the anti-bug chemicals they spray on the plants, which then scares us because our plants are now covered with chemicals that do not come from GMO

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