Pie Eating Contest


by Hana Ulep

The Pie Eating Contest took place here at Santa Barbara Junior High School on November 20th. It was a fun-filled activity that let kids be competitive, while enjoying some delicious pie, and was a great way to kick off Thanksgiving Break.

The competition was held during lunch in the Quad, and many people came to watch the contestants eat. Mr. Fredeen was in charge of and ran the contest, and did a fantastic job with the whole event. Students Jacob Shapiro, Mariana Cardoso, Axel Bjorklund, and Franky Cerda Jaimes competed and ate pumpkin pie. The winner is decided by who eats the most pie. The winner of this contest was Jacob Shapiro, who almost ate the entire pie. Although there was no official prize for winning, the contestants won the prize of eating a yummy treat and having a good time.

Overall, the contest was a success and everyone was happy to start off the break in such a fun way. Even the people who didn’t participate in the contest were offered a piece of pie! This fun, spirited day lifted everyone’s mood and was a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the following week off. And after all, who doesn’t love pie?

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