NaNoWriMo Success!


By Talia Honikman and Coraline Crannell

Yesterday was the final day of National Novel Writing Month! It was a fun and exciting day as well as being stressful as novel writers raced to get to the finish line: a story with a grand total of fifty thousand words.

Both of Condor press’s novel groups reached the fifty thousand word goal; or in one case, even exceeded it by over ten thousand words! The eighth grade group (Who called themselves the Overachieving Duckies) met the overall goal of 50k on November twenty-fourth, but continued to write. They ended up with a word count of 63,617 words. The seventh grade group (who called themselves novelgroupb) finished on November 30th with just over 50,000 words.

The seventh grader’s novel is a fantasy that has yet to be titled about a girl named Nicole. Nicole’s father has died and her mother has re-married to a man that seems off to Nicole. She has seen things that he has done with her own two eyes. Things that aren’t pretty. Nicole has been engaged to a man since the day she turned three and has only seen him twice. One day a man, third in line for the throne, is found murdered and her stepfather holds the title of Chief investigator. From the moment she discovers a fact that will change her fate, Nicole’s world is thrown into caution and confusion.

The eighth graders’ novel is a dystopian novel called Finding The Light about a girl named Olivia Scott, who has been abandoned by her parents and forced to live in the slums of what was once America. Set on finding out the truth about her parents, she sneaks into the East side of the country to steal valuable items for her and other’s survival and to collect clues. When she is made to hide from the government, she stumbles across some very strange clues, as well as a discovery that will force her to decide where her loyalty stands, and if she is ready to forgive the many enemies in her life and start over.

This has been an incredible experience for everyone participating. We would like to thank NaNoWriMo for existing, the editors who helped with the book, and Mr. Shelton.


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