Fall Sports Update: Boys’ Basketball Overview

IMG_4720by Charlie Hess

This season, the after school sports boys basketball team was a great success! The first season was a fun five week experience for boys to play,practice, and compete in the sport.

With 23 kids on the team, and no team captain, they put in tons of effort into their games and practices. Mr. and Mrs. Kilroy coached and trained the four teams. They practiced every day after school, except Fridays. Games took place on Wednesdays after school. Even though they didn’t win, and lost all three times, the new season (that started on November 9th) will help them more players can join and the team will have another chance.

We asked 7th grader Mario Roy Pasini, a player  on the team, if he could provide us with some more information. He said that he was very satisfied with his new position. We asked him about the reason he plays, and he said it was to be able to learn about and play the sport better; the same response was present with many other teammates. The team is very diverse, with a few “pro” players and a few people who have never played before. Mario he had a fun time and good experience overall.

In conclusion, the first season of boys basketball worked out very well. With two great coaches and an awesome team, after school sports did great. Next season, with girls basketball and boys soccer happens, so we can look forward to yet another great time. Teams were picked on November 9th,look out for more on after school sports!


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