Achievement Barbeque


By Charlie Hess

As you may know, the first quarter ended on October 30th. At the end of every quarter, an event called the Achievement Barbecue happens.

On Friday, November 13th, the first barbecue of this year occurred. If you didn’t know, the requirements is that you have to receive A’s and B’s and citizenship marks of either outstanding and satisfactory. Also, you received a small, blue slip of paper containing information regarding your invite. Lastly, the invites were passed out in people’s fourth period classes.

The barbecue took place at lunch on the 13th, and a barrier was set up between the normal lunch line and the achievement line. People received got hot dogs, milk, apples, and a large assortment of cookies. They put up a small fence around the whole crowd so the attendees would have a large location to enjoy their lunch. Mr. Fredeen and Mr. Garcia hosted the whole event and assisted with the distribution. Parents of the students also helped distribute the food during the event.

If you weren’t invited, it isn`t a big deal. Try your hardest to get your grades up, or shift classes so you can be the best you can be. It is nice to be rewarded for getting good grades. But, it only happens a few times a year and missing one wouldn’t hurt you. It also would not hurt to put in a little more effort, because it counts. This event shows that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

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