SBCC Women’s Volleyball

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by Emma Zavala

It may come as a surprise to some, but teachers actually do have a life outside of school. Mr. Shelton is a musician, Mr. Croshaw plays ice hockey, and Mr. Gover (or “Gover”) is part of the security at concerts and coaches the Santa Barbara City College Women’s Volleyball team.

This year the volleyball team did exceptionally well and was in first place for the Southern California Regional. They won 25 out of 29 games this season. Of the home games they played, they only lost won. Unfortunately, the one home game they lost was the game that could have sent them to the state championships. The SBCC Vaqueros worked very hard all season and definitely deserved the title of first in Southern California Regional. From going to every home game, I know that the team has capabilities and skills that many other teams do not.

On the team four players made the first team All-WSC (Western State Conference) team. Outside Hitter/Right Side Hitter Shannon Friend finished with 965 total attacks. Outside Hitter Katelynn Womack finished with a total of 1055 attacks. Libero Tristen Thompson had 579 digs and 38 service aces. Last but definitely not last, Middle Blocker Hannah Cantrell finished off the season with 276 attacks and 101 total blocks. Two others on the team made second team for All-WSC. Kaitlyn Clemann and Shiloe Parsons. Kaitlyn finished as an Outside Hitter with 159 kills. Shiloe, the team’s Setter, finished fourth in the state for number of assists, topping off at a whopping 856.

The sport may seem like it’s just about the players, but the coaches play a major behind the scenes role. They know their team and the other team; and how to help them to win. They know when to call timeouts and when to let the players do what they need to do. This year, not only has the team succeeded in doing their part in playing well, but our own Gover was titled co-Coach of the Year along with the coach for L.A Pierce College. This is now the fifth time that Gover has been named Coach of the Year. He showed his coaching skills, coming back from seven points down and winning or coming back from a loss of two sets and winning the next three. These ladies have been able to prove themselves over and over again. Although they may not be competing in the state championships, they played an amazing season and definitely deserved to hold their title as number one in the division this season.

Next time you see your teachers over a long break or even a weekend, ask them what they did. Pay attention, because not only will it make them like you more, but you also never know just what they might be doing outside of school. Producing music, or making sports history, your teachers could be more than what meets the eye.

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