Lights Out

By Kristen Sell


The sun goes down, and the world falls asleep. Life becomes silent. What will happen when the lights shut off? How will people react when the electricity goes out? The only thing we know for sure is that people will panic. What types of concerns people will have is the real question.


What would be your number one concern if electricity were to be completely shut off by hackers? I can confirm that everyone in my journalism class would be scared that something would happen next. “I would be concerned that there would be something that I should know about. I would also worry about everyone else.”, Joy Patterson responded. Three other students agree with Joy Patterson.


Jocelyn Gallardo expresses a situation that deals with self communication and safety: “Say I was walking alone down a street and someone starts to follow me. I would have no way of contacting the police or my family in this time of fear, panic, and discomfort.” Kristen Sell strongly agrees and recognizes Jocelyn’s concern, and adds another example. “If I was sleeping at night, and there was a fire -not only would the smoke detector wouldn’t ring to warn me in time- but I couldn’t call the fire department.”


Another anonymous student contradicts Jubilee and Kristen’s thoughts by saying, “I would be afraid of other people’s reactions to the Internet shutting off. For example, some people can’t live without the internet, so they might act crazy (or do something crazy) to fulfill their boredom.”


Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng are afraid of the deletion of all their pictures, documents, information, etc. that are currently online. Hailey says she would specifically hate for her tumblr blog to be deleted.


Other responses were just simple concerns, including safety, riots, anarchy, turmoil, communication, education, poverty, corruption, and overall survival.
If the lights were to shut off, people would react. Just like how the world reacts to the night, by falling asleep.

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