Library Christmas Photo Booth

by Bella Macioce

Now that December has started, everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Houses are putting up decorations, people are starting their Christmas shopping and buying Christmas trees. This year, Santa Barbara Junior High School has gotten into the Christmas spirit. Our library has set up SBJHS’s very first Holiday Photo Booth, located against the front wall, visible as soon as you enter the library doors. The booth is a fun way for you and your friends to get your photo taken, and printed.

This is the first Holiday Photo Booth the library has ever set up, though it will probably not be the last. It was created simply by putting a simple snowflake backdrop over one of the library walls. In order to really get into the fun of it, and also re-create the image of a real photo booth, the library has also provided a number of fun accessories. From mustaches on a stick, to naughty and nice signs, the props are silly to the max, and make for a memorable photo. The photo booth is available for not only seventh and eighth graders, but for all staff as well!

How you want to take the picture is up to you. You can use your phone or ask Ms Chilton to capture the moment on an ipad. From there you can print it out in the library. If you come in during lunch or after school, you are pretty much guaranteed to have your photos within minutes of taking them. Its quick and easy, not to mention very entertaining. “There is a wide variety at the photo booth and it is a really fun thing to do with friends” state’s Joy Patterson. Emma Zavala, who has also visited the booth says, “I think it is a really cool thing to do, and it’s definitely a bright spot at the school.”

All in all, the photo booth is an enjoyable and creative way to celebrate the holidays. It is certainly a new festive addition to the school, and really helps create that holiday feeling around campus. Next time you visit the library, be sure to take a few minutes to check it out. The librarians are always happy to help, and such a great activity shouldn’t go to waste. Its an amazing way to capture a quick moment with close friends, and to celebrate the coming of winter break. Happy Holidays everyone!

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