By Joy Patterson

As many people would guess, stress physically affects humans ability to think rationally. The average levels of stress found students, due to the want to perform well on school work, stressful family and social situations, and many other causes, are soaring. The school system has created a vicious cycle.

Stress can majorly affect the brain’s ability to think and reason logically. As stress levels start to increase in an individual, the brain releases chemicals into the brain that cause the person to escape from danger. This reaction is often known as the “fight or flight response”. If there is no evident danger at hand, the recently released stress hormones stay in the body. These hormones cause the person to feel increased stress amounts and uneasiness. The stress hormones use up the brain’s energy, this physically prevents the brain from logical and rational thought. Along with a few other systems, this is how stress affects the brain.

Stress can cause the body to refuse to sleep. Lack of sleep can decrease your ability to keep your emotions at an even level and to clearly think. This can heighten the inability to think logically and create problems in social lives, increasing levels of stress.

When the journalism staff was asked what they would rate their stress on a scale of 1-10, 62.5% of the students answered as a ten and 81.25% reported above a 5. As seen, stress is a constant problem in schools today.
Everyone has their own ways to “de-stress”, but there are a few easy ways to cool down. The first of these is to simply take a break. Sometimes just walking away is the best solution to this problem. Another way to decrease stress levels is to live a routined life. Set aside time for school work, family/friend time, and time for things like reading and watching television. Also, choosing a set time to fall asleep and wake up will help you stay rested throughout the stress. Stress is a real problem that can physically deprive the brain from thinking clearly.

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