Condor Press Publicity!


by Emma Zavala

As some people may know, our fifth period journalism class has an Instagram account! The account (@condorpress) has been up for a couple of months now and our class is very interested in getting the word about the Condor Press. We post about updates to the website, upcoming events, and life inside the classroom with the staff. So far the account has been a success and has gotten the word out to many people. As well as our new app and Instagram account, the staff has also created an email for the Condor Press. Shoot us an email at with suggestions for new articles and make sure to comment on articles.

The condor press relies on your guys’ views and comments and the staff loves seeing new comments on their articles. From sports updates, school updates, opinion pieces, and short stories, the Condor Press has it all.

“The app is a lot easier to access than the website because now in one tap, you’re there!” says Jubilee Lettieri, a member of the newspaper staff.

“Instagram is so easy because now I can see updates by just doing what I normally do,” says another staff member.
Our staff has worked very hard on trying to make the Condor Press as accessible as possible and hope that you guys are enjoying all of our ways to do so. So tell your friends about the app, the Instagram, and the website and remember to look for updates daily on, @condorpress on Instagram, and email!

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