Miranda Sings Show


By Jubilee Lettieri, Hailey Zheng, and Hana Ulep

Colleen Ballinger (recently married to Joshua Evans) aka Miranda sings, is a comedian, singer, Youtuber, and entertainer. She makes YouTube videos and uploads them online. She loves her job because she makes people laugh and cry. Whenever people ask what her job is, She says it’s hard to explain what she does.

On Tuesday, December 15, the “Colleen and Joshua’s Holiday Spectacular” took place at the Granada Theater. It had a huge turn out; there were hundreds of people who came! Of course we love Colleen and Miranda, so we had to get tickets. It was the best night ever! She even grew up here in Santa Barbara so she was very happy to have her very first holiday show in her hometown.

She opened the show by dancing onto the stage with her entire family, including her parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephew, and best friends. The whole stage was set in a holiday theme, and the show was centered around sharing holiday joy with family! The audience was given the chance to hear original and cover songs, all with a holiday twist! The way she transitions into Miranda, she sings a song as Colleen and does a quick change of clothes on stage. When Miranda came out, she took three volunteers from the audience to compete to be her “bae.” The lucky men got to meet her as she “seduced” them by dancing around them and encouraging them to do what she told them to do. While doing this, she taught the audience how to get a “bae”.


She’s wasn’t on the stage the whole time, as she has her family and friends have their own moment on stage. For example, her brother and his family sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” She also duets with her husband but they put their own twist on it. Since this is the holiday season to be with friends and family, Joshua (Colleen’s husband), invited his good friend from college and he managed to fly to Santa Barbara and participate in the holiday show.
The holiday spectacular was filled with many holiday performances from Colleen, Joshua, and their family and friends. The entire show was absolutely incredible and was extremely fun to experience. It was really funny as well, and we laughed the entire time. It was an amazing show, and was really cool to see the Youtubers that we have watched for so long in person. Everyone in the audience was super enthusiastic to be there and everyone left the show with ringing ears and sore throats. It was an incredible experience, and we will never forget it.

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