Student VS Staff Dodgeball Game


By Jocelyn Gallardo and Joy Patteron

On December 18th, the Students vs. Teacher Dodgeball Game took place on the field during lunch. The game consisted of two rounds and all students were able to play as long as they had signed up in advanced. A section of the field was marked off, and the field was a mass of both students and teachers come to watch.

In the first round, the teachers won easily. They eliminated all of the students before anyone even knew what was happening. At one point, the only student on the field was an 8th grade mystery student trying his hardest to win the game for the student team. If you know him please comment on the article below. Unfortunately, this did not happen and the teachers celebrated victoriously. But not for long.

In the second round, luck was on the side of the students because after their first defeat, they made a comeback. The students had only been warming up in the first round. One by one the teachers were being wiped off the field by the students. The teachers were no match for their students.

“This will be the only time that staff will not win this year,” say Mr. Garcia, our school principal, with determination right before he walked out of the room.

Overall the annual dodgeball game was quite enjoyable and entertaining. This student vs. teacher event was full of laughs and good time and is definitely worth doing the next time one of these games rolls around.

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