High Surf Advisory


By Kristen Sell


Recently I was using the app, AccuWeather, and this alert came up that read “High Surf Advisory.” According to the U.S. National Weather Service, “High Surf Advisory is in effect until Friday, 10:00 PM PST.” If you click onto that, further information comes up. Apparently, 4-7 foot waves will remain today. However, as the week goes on surf will eventually get up to 5-8 feet (on Wednesday) and then up to extremely dangerous surf: 6-TEN feet (on Thursday)!!!!! The largest local surf will take place at Rincon Point.


A lot of you surfers out there might be thinking that this just means bigger, better, gnarlier waves, but take precautions. A surf advisory means that the waves are at a dangerous height, and that could result in stronger rip currents. But that’s not the only problem. Bigger surf could also mean beach erosion, damage to beach homes, the risk of ocean drowning, and beach parking lots could flood.


Remember the last time Santa Barbara waves were at a shocking height? A wave crashed through the window of the Moby Dick Restaurant on the pier. In fact, there is a video of it on YouTube. I recall that a few years ago, there was 20 feet waves at Leadbetter. If the surf keeps progressing like it is, who knows how high the waves will reach.

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