Lakey Peterson Leadbetter Classic

by Emma Zavala

On Saturday December 20th, the Lakey Peterson Leadbetter Classic was held at Leadbetter Beach. This event, held by Lakey Peterson and Surf Happens, helps to promote the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and the High Five Foundation. The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is an organization that helps support families with children who are living with cancer. The High Five Foundation raises injury prevention awareness for sports such as mountaineering and surfing.

Lakey Peterson won the World Surfing League North American Regional Championships for the women’s and junior womens’ in 2010-2011. A great accomplishment from our very own local. Lakey has been very interested in raising awareness and promoting ocean experiences for children with cancer. She has inspired many to to surf for a cause. This competition has youth surfers know about their cause and why they are surfing. It’s not only all about the prizes. Lakey was even there at Leads to cheer on the kids!

One of our own SBJHS students, Cayden Colasse, participated in the competition. After interviewing him, he told us that he has competed in this competition once before, when it first started. Cayden is a local who surfs Leadbetter about once a month, so he is no stranger to this point break. Cayden did very well, and made it to the semifinals! Although we would all love to see and hear about Caydn surfing in the LPLC again, unfortunately he will be too old to compete.

If you’re a surfer and interested in making a difference just by doing what you love and want to help promote the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, then make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for next year’s Lakey Peterson Leadbetter Classic.


P.S. The first waiting period for the Rincon Classic starts January 16th and 17th.

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