Open House



by Emma Zavala


Open House is coming up this Thursday, January 14th. “The goal of Open House is to inform the incoming families about the academic program and student life that Santa Barbara Junior High offers,” says Principal Garcia. Open House is a great way for sixth graders and their families to come check out our school and see what amazing programs it has to offer. From academics to electives, and school rules to clubs and organizations, Open House shows these families why SBJHS is a great school for their child to attend.

“The way the evening is organized is that during the first part, our Jazz Band will play so that parents can hear what our musicians can offer. Next the theater will do a small skit for the parents, then I talk to the families,” Mr. Garcia said in a interview. After this all happens, the incoming students and families have one hour to roam the school and see the different classrooms and projects that the students have been working on. Some eighth grade English classes will have essays or Transactional Reading Projects on their desk, while science projects might have scientific diagrams put on.

Over all, Open House is a great way for students to incoming families thinking about Santa Barbara Junior High to come see our school and the amazing programs that it offers.

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