Culture Sock: A Toxic Sock Syndrome

IMG_9596by Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng

Warm, comforting, and there for you; socks are unlike any other clothing item. To some, they are but a minor object, maybe even an inconvenience, but to others, they’re an entire universe, consisting of planets of warmth, fuzz, comfort, and individuality. Like planets, no two socks (or opinion on socks) are exactly alike. There are an infinite variety of sock styles and unique designs that many socks can have, but they all have a similarity that no other clothing item can provide: a feeling of pure content.

Our opinions on how to wear them vary. For example, Hana Ulep prefers to wear her socks inside out. You might notice that on the inside of some socks, there are stringy-seams due to the details on the outside of the socks. Personally, she does not like those stringy seams against her foot, so chooses to wear them inside out. Hailey Zheng, on the other hand, or should I say foot, prefers to wear them the traditional way; not inside out. She enjoys the feel of the extra fuzz on the inside of the sock and believes it to be the most comfortable way to wear them.

To Hana Ulep, the type of sock she favors is the everyday sock. This is because it is the sock that she wears most often, due to its very comfortable feeling and the variance of shoes that it can be worn with. Hana likes wearing them most with sneakers, but also enjoys wearing them around the house without shoes (although her favorite to wear around the house is the fuzzy sock). To Hailey Zheng, though, fuzzy socks are the all-time favorite. She loves the warmth and coziness exerted from wearing them under any time of shoe (flip-flops are an exception). Fuzzy socks can be worn under slippers, around the house, under sneakers, tennis shoes, and boots, and are just the most comfortable sock. However, fuzzy they are or whatever fit they are – big, small, perfect – they are always there for you.

There are a great amount of lengths that a sock can have. Hana Ulep loves all different kinds depending on the time of day, weather, and what she’s wearing them with, but her favorite is low-cut length. This is because of the diversity about them; they can be worn any time of the year, in any weather, and with any shoe. They also have a variety of different colors and materials that work the the type of shoe one wants to wear. Lastly, she likes that they cooperate with any physical activities she wants to do, and that they are also very comfortable when she’s not being active. Hailey Zheng’s favorite length of socks are ankle length socks. She really prefers the comfort that they give because they cover the pesky bone that bumps into everything, and it’s just a great length. They rarely go under pants she wears, and if they do, they’re right under and they’re very easy to pull out. She will fold mid-length socks down to fit the ankle requirement, but not with knee socks.

We, Hana Ulep and Hailey Zheng, both enjoy wearing matching socks. We think it’s best and the most cozy when the socks are both the same. After all, who would want to mess up and end up wearing one knee sock and one mid length fuzzy sock? It’s so comforting to look down at your feet and see that at least part of your life is together.

As for percents and statistics, the majority of the population prefers to wear their socks normally (inside-in). About 90.4% of the population agree that this is the best way. Less than 5% (about 4.7%) of the population wears them inside-out. The same percentage chooses not to wear them at all.

“I always wear flip flops, so they [socks] don’t really apply to me, but when I do wear socks, I love my socks!” says eighth grade student Emma Zavala.

The type of sock a person wears may not seem incredibly important, but these statistics prove otherwise. Everyday socks, or socks marketed for no other reason than to wear under shoes, are the leading sock. About 52.3% say that’s what they prefer. Fuzzy socks take the second place, with 33.3% (or ⅓) saying that they love the extra warmth and comfort that they provide. Approximately 14.3% of the population says that they prefer athletic socks. Luckily, nobody prefers toe socks.

Many, many lengths of socks exist, but this statistic has ruled it down to six kinds: no-show, low-cut, ankle, mid-length, knee, and thigh-high. Ankle socks win, at 33.3%, but mid-length comes at a close second with about 28.6% saying they’re the best. Low cut socks get an averaged 23.8% vote. No-show, knee, and thigh-high don’t get much love at about 4.7% each, and almost nobody appreciating their effort.

“[Knee socks] look really cute.. and you can dress up your outfits with them,” says Emily Krumholz.

Only about 19.04% say they prefer wearing mismatched socks, while about 80.9% prefer matching their socks.

“I can’t have a favorite sock I want to wear, so I wear both of them. Plus, it’s really fun!” says Rachel Monnarez on mismatching her socks.

Some of the people in the population had some interesting views on the magical object we call socks. Most of the people had very positive thoughts on socks, like Charlie Hess, a fan of socks. He states, “Socks are warm and cozy, like a new puppy.”

“Socks are awesome. They’re like the meaning of life,” Sam Torres says.

While most love to wear socks all the time, there are some that prefer to not wear them, but still appreciate them. Seventh grader Jubilee Lettieri states, “It depends on what I’m doing. When I’m sleeping they annoy me, but when I’m just walking around the house I love them.”

It’s safe to say the majority of people treasure socks, but some aren’t as much of a fan.

“It’s hard not to lose them, and they’re very stressful. I also hate it when they fall off your heel!” says Zoey Ramirez.

The opinions on socks vary, depending on the person.

Socks have proven to be one of the most, if not very most, favored clothing items out there. It’s very clear that us humans could not live without them. The popularity that socks have is off the charts. Socks are truly the entity of clothing. What is your opinion on socks? Comment your feelings below. Sock on!

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