SBJHS Theater Update


By Grace Miller

As you may know, in early November, Santa Barbara Junior High hosted our very own performance of Romeo and Pirouette in our beautiful Marjorie Luke Theater. Now in the theater arts class, we are working on skits to perform at the open house on Thursday the 14th for incoming 5th and 6th grade families.

During the week we returned from winter break, we formed groups in theater and started drafting potential ideas for our skits. The basic thoughts for the skits were to keep the audience interested and to give facts about our school and how great it is!

On the week of January 25, Mr. Lashua, the theater teacher, will be having auditions for our spring production, which is Cinderstein. It is a play on Cinderella and Frankenstein. If you want to, you should audition for our spring show, or join the crew!

Everything we are working on in theater is so much fun! So much thought has been put into every decision and we have all worked tremendously hard to be where we are in the theater arts class. Overall theater is a wonderful program. You should audition, or at least think about it. Theater is such a great opportunity to make friends and fun memories, and everyone is encouraged to join!

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