Coding Class!


By Jocelyn Gallardo

Here at Santa Barbara Junior High School we offer several electives, including music, journalism, theater, Spanish, French, and wood shop. Now, coming the second semester is a coding class. A brand new elective that will take place Monday through Friday during 7th period in the computer lab.

This new elective will be taught by Ms. Pettit. Ms. Pettit has been teaching history for five years, but this is her first year at SBJHS. Before coming here, she taught at Goleta Valley Junior High School for two years, and before that she taught at Garden St. Academy at a high school level. Although she is currently teaching history/social studies, she has also taught other electives involved in social studies and world challenges. She has also taught a cycling elective and coached volleyball. Since this is one of her first times teaching an elective not involving history, she will be learning new things along with the students.

“I am really looking forward to teaching this class,” says Ms. Pettit.

This new class was established with the help of a grant that was approved by the school district. It was only a matter of time before the class would be put into action. After, it was decided when this class was going to take place our principal, Mr. Garcia, asked Ms. Pettit if she would like to teach it.

This class will taught using a coding program called Scratch. Scratch is a program that was developed in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was created to teach basic coding to elementary school students. The whole program is like a giant puzzle that you had to put together, and revolves around a spirit or avatar. Students will learn how to manipulate their avatar into doing things like dancing, moving around, and interacting with each other. Students will also be able to create things like music videos and games with their coding skills. At the end of the program students will be able to choose their own culminating projects where they can create whatever they want based on the skills that try have established and foundation that they have set for themselves.

This class is a great way and opportunity to make new friends, make mistakes, and learn from them. So go and sign up for the class before it’s too late! To sign up and get more information contact Ms. Edith Cortes at or Ms. Gaby Cabrera at for students with the last names of A-K. For students with the last names L-Z contact Mr. Todd Fredeen at Sign ups end on January 20th and is limited to only 25 students. Take advantage of this opportunity and go join this brand new elective!

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