About WWE


by Charlie Hess

Some people may know of the popular surprise move that they can do to their friends called the “RKO” and the popular online video about the John Cena prank call. These are all inspired by the popular wrestling company, the WWE.

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, which is a professional wrestling company that promotes careers for men and women who have had or want wrestling experience. This company is not like MMA or boxing, so there is no actual contact between punches, but they still take real risks when jumping off the top rope and hitting their opponents over the head with steel chairs. This over 50 year old company has many variables that makes it a multi-million dollar company today.

Their roster contains around 100 wrestlers who perform on five different shows every week. They also have a developmental program for people who want to become professional wrestlers but need more experience first. They even have a reality television show for the most popular “divas” on the roster. All these shows are on the WWE network that features every PPV and show that WWE ever released. The wrestlers have a wide range of heights and weights from 4’4 146 pounds to 8’0 460 pounds. They even featured a 275 pound female and 600 pound male. With all the diversity and television promotion, WWE has had lots of success over the years.

These people don’t have a career like this for just entertainment, they do it or championships. WWE has a wide range of titles that the wrestlers can win. For example, the most prestigious of these championships is the WWE world heavyweight championship that only the best wrestlers achieve. There are also other championships like the United States and The Intercontinental Championships that are also eligible to other superstars. Then for the superstars who are in small factions or in pairs, there is the tag team championships. Last but not least, they have a Divas Championship meant for the women of the WWE. They also have smaller versions of these championships for the developmental wrestlers.

Other things to know about WWE, apart from the actual wrestling, WWE does a lot of charity work for companies like Make a Wish Foundation and Be a Star. What they do is they visit children in  hospitals, boost their confidence and really just help them and fulfill their dreams of meeting a wrestler. They also encourage education and the Army outside of their wrestling careers. WWE also has produced tons of merchandise including video games, CDs, and DVDs. The merchandise has been great entertainment for the fans and great for WWE. WWE has also released many movies that starred their wrestlers, like Twelve Rounds, See No Evil, and The Marine.

If you are interested in this franchise then tune in on the USA network on Monday and Thursday evenings. Or go to their website, WWE.com.

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