Tips for cyber bullying


by Zoey Ramirez

Bullying is currently a problem for many teens, especially those on social media. Now that  technology is such a big part of our generation, and because of how much we use it, the internet is where this problem occurs much more frequently.

If you are dealing with a cyber bully, the first thing you can do is simply ignore them. You might feel hurt and/or bad about yourself, and you may want to fire back by saying something harsh, but restrain yourself from doing so. You’re going to get yourself into trouble, and that’s only giving them what they want. If the bully continues to pick on you, and it triggers you to say something, try to stay calm. Do not threaten them or call them names, or be rude. If you say something mean back, it won’t make you any better than them. You would just become a bully yourself. Don’t show any type of emotion. That will let them know that you were bothered or hurt by their comment. That will only give them the pleasure to keep bothering you.

If the bully does not stop bothering you, even after you have ignored them and kindly suggested that they stop, you can block them on your social media account(s). Another thing you can do is tell an adult. There is nothing wrong with telling someone. Tell an adult you can trust: for example, an older sibling, parent, principal, or teacher.

I hope that this article gave you some good tips for the next time you come into contact with a cyber bully.

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